Mushroom and Spinach Omelette

Ham and Cheese Omelette


TapSiLog (Cured Beef, Fried Rice and Egg)

LongSiLog (Sausage, Fried Rice and Egg)

LongSiLog Quezon (Sausage Lucban, Fried Rice and Egg)

ToSiLog (Sweet Pork, Fried Rice and Egg)

HotSiLog(Hotdog, Fried Rice and Egg)

CornSiLog (Corned Beef, Fried Rice and Egg)

BanguSiLog(Marinated Milkfish, Fried Rice and Egg)

LunSiLog (Luncheon Meat, Fried Rice and Egg)

***Variety of Breads and Cookies (Pandesal, Spanish Bread, Pan de Coco etc)



Americano -  Cafe con Leche - Cappuccino -Espresso - Cafe Latte - Regular Coffee  - Hazelnut Coffee -

Hot Tea - Cold Tea

Ramocha Frappe

Rayne Caramel Frappe

Raimocha Loca




Variety of 25++ Asian, American and Filipino Lunch Buffet  foods/delicacies every weekends**


Every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we have a la carte menu that you can choose from... Also we are open late until 8:30 pm every Fridays and Saturday nights.



boba tea



Honey Dew

Iced Latte with Boba

Cookies and Cream

party trays/catering Menu

Afrida . Adobo . Chicken Broccoli

Siomai. Lumpiang Shanghai. Fried Chicken

Pininyahang Manok . Chicken Curry





Caldereta . Beef Broccoli . Kare Kare (Beef Stew)

Beef Steak (Tagalog) . Callos

Beef Nilaga (Beef Soup)





Asado . Adobo . Menudo . Lechong Kawali

 BBQ on stick . Sisig . Sinigang . Embotido

Bicol Express . Dinuguan . Siomai





Fried Tilapia . Sweet and Sour Fish . Squid Adobo with eggplant . Calamari

Seafood Paella . Shrimp (Halabos na Hipon)





Baked Potatoes . Ginataang Langka

Laing . Pinakbet

Chopseuy . Vegetable Lumpia

Ampalaya con Carne . Sauteed Cabbage





Pancit Canton with Sotanghon .

Pancit Bihon . Palabok . Sotanghon

Canton . Spaghetti





Biko . Leche Flan . Tikoy Lucban

Fruit Salad . Buko Pandan Fresh Fruits .

Bilo Bilo

Turon  .  Puto  . Sapin sapin

Cassava Cake . Palitaw . Espasol

 Suman sa Lihiya

Suman sa Gata . Puto Flan . Yema






Pandesal . Spanish bread . Ensaymada

Pan de Coco . Empanada . Cheesebread

Mango Refrigerator Cake

filipinianA Cake . Egg pie





Atchara (Pickled Papaya . Pickled Ampalaya)














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